Filipa Ramos - Curating ideas


Filipa Ramos is an art critic and curator; her role could maybe better be defined as a thinker in the realm of contemporary art.

With her work she promotes discussions and ideas about cultural and artistic practices; in her words she's more interested in curating ideas rather than objects. According to her, being the profession of the curator defined, there has been an explosion of the system related to objects. On her part she tries not to take part in that explosion but to go back to the immaterial instead. And she does that looking at the "slow side" of things, constantly looking for a pace that could make the interactions between ideas sustainable.

Our conversation was about ideas, curatorial practices, interactions, documentation and obviously about Filipa Ramos' curatorial research which is related to the production of knowledge and generation of ideas more than on objects.

Recorded in Faenza, May 2011. The music/sounds fo this interview are by Apes on Tapes and Hirnlego published under Creative Commons Licence by Homework Records.


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