Dora Garcia - I am not a net artist


The question is no more why do people complain but why do people not complain anymore. [Dora Garcia]

What is the public space according to Dora Garcia? Where does she put herself in that space and where's the audience? These are some of the issues we tried to untangle in our conversation with Garcia, Spanish artist whose practice – mainly comprising performance, video, lectures and talks – often uses the exhibition space as a site to investigate the dialogical and power relations between an artwork, the audience and the place itself. Such notions as the relationship between actor and author, fiction, representation and reality, as well as the position of the artist a marginal, are central to her practice.

The jingle is composed and produced by Rosa Maria Sarri and Nicola Cavina.
The music that goes with the interview has been selected out of Mathias Stubø's EP Mushrooms, Sojus Records.


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