Daria Filardo presents Simon Roberts

EX3 AudioDiary


Simon Roberts, Motherland - Order of maternal glory dinner, Eastern Siberia, 2004.

This interview is in italian and is part of EX3 Audio Diary, a series of conversations commissioned by EX3 Contemporary Art Centre in Florence. Italian curator Daria Filardo introduces British photographer Simon Roberts' series Motherland and We English, currently on show in Florence.

Simon Roberts, Motherland - Identical twins, Elena & Vera Karnova, Magadan, 2004.

Being travelling across the epic russian landscape or portraing his fellow countrymen in England, Roberts borrows from lyrism and romanticism and nonetheless his photography is always something more than an aesthetic exercise. The relational dimension of the journey is always there.

Simon Roberts, We English Keynes Country Park Beach, Shornecote Gloustershire, 2008.

Simon Roberts (b.1974) is a British photographer whose work deals with our relationship to landscape and notions of identity and belonging. His large format photographs are taken with great technical precision, often from elevated positions. The distanced vantage point allows the relationship of individual bodies and groups to the landscape to be clearly observed, and echoes the visual language of history painting.

Motherland and We English are on show at EX3 until November 7, 2010.



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