Carlos Garaicoa - Triunfo, Duda y Celebracion


Two weeks before the opening of the Italo-Latin American pavilion at the Venice Biennale – within which he is exhibiting the series of works Bend City – Carlos Garaicoa opened a solo show at the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano. 

We met him and we talked about drawing as his signature style since the Nineties, a peculiar way of working that over the years has employed various materials – threads and pins for istance – and today ends up in another different formal result, beyond any cliché or predictability. 

This is a drawing show - Garaicoa says - which for I used colorful tapes, and cutting machines. The materials are different but the methodology is the same of all my artistic research.

Starting from his new show we have talked about architecture, public art, about the balance between artistic language, freedom and ethical responsibilities. 

The music that comes with the interview is Rising by Triangulizona and Miles of Smiles by Comfort Fit, from the compilation Nivel del Mar Vol. 1, downloadable at and Space Invaders by Pornophonique, downloadable at

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