Rosa Barba - They Shine


On the occasion of the opening of her first Italian solo show at Villa Romana in Firenze, we met Rosa Barba who's presenting her new video They Shine, shot in the Mojave Desert - a military installation testing centers during the Second World War and now home of a gigantic solar energy park.

Together with Jan St. Werner of Mouse in Mars - with which she often collaborates - reflects on the relation between music and visual arts, between sounds and images, cinema and music production. Rosa Barba introduces us also some of her recent works - Western Round table, Outwardly From Earth's Center, It's gonna Happen and They shine - clarifying how trhough low tech and different narrative layers she's on a process of abstraction of the cinamatic language.

Some of the sounds you will hear in the interview are field recordings made by Jan St.Werner at Villa Romana.


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