Twelve Years with Radio Papesse

From Riga to Bologna, let's listen together!


On June 21, 2006 was born. TWELVE years have passed and we want to celebrate it in the best way we know: listening to it, along a 20-hour sound marathon between Riga and Bologna.


Starting from 4pm on June 21st, Radio Papesse will broadcast the full Ambereum Pageant Alliance, an electronic music celebration of Summer Solstice; the energies of renewal, reanimation, and fertility, live from Riga - on the occasion of the biennale now underway -  and thanks to the collaboration with Viron Erol Vert - who curates the night - and Erica Synth that makes it possible. We/You will welcome Summer with 9 Berlin and Riga based djs and musicians; among them: Uncle Sample, Neda Sanai, Lakuti, Tama Sumo, Hanno Hinkelbein, Merimell, Platons Buravickis, Sam Barker and Pauline Doutreluingne. 


To listen to the live broadcast - from 4 pm to 10am the day after - click on the Speaker on the right upper corner of the homepage.


On June 22nd, at 8.30 pm, we will feature a new episode of Radio Concrete, a sound project by Hagai Izenberg, who combines field recordings, samples and extracts from radio broadcasts: a new feature in our PLAYLISTsection.



Next, at 9.30 pm we will be listening together (In)visible Radio Creatures#2, a transgeographical radio happening by Anna Raimondo, live from the Arena del Sole in Bologna, a reflection about the condition of clandestinity, as told from thos who daily experiences or have experienced it.  


Radio Papesse is joining a group of radio communities and lovers from all over the world, ready to share the listening together with friends at Caso in Buenos Aires, Collettivo Nomade in Rome, Agencia de Tránsitos Culturales in Tenerife, Radio Tsonami in Valparaiso, 18 in Marrakech, QO2/BNA-BBOT in Bruxelles, Somatico in Marseille, Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato in Palermo, Côté Jardin in Dakar, Errant Bodies in Berlin, Artgallé in Nouakchott, Cantieri d’Arte/Biancovolta in Viterbo. 


We will be part of a small, nontheless tremendous community of radio enthusiasts, because radio is everywhere, it is aggregative, choral and plural!

If you want to join us in Florence, write to!

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