The Planetarian Gong Kindergarten

A 40 minute gong session with Maria Pecchioli


The Planetary Gong Kindergarten

with Maria Pecchioli

at Villa Romana for Open Studios and streaming live on

September 1st 2018, 6.30 pm 


On the occasion of Open Studios, at Villa Romana, Radio Papesse is glad to present a planetary gongs session led by artist Maria Pecchioli. Forty minutes of vibrational sound immersion, forty minutes of shared listening. Between meditation and play, vigil and contemplation, Maria Pecchioli will guide us on a journey on sound waves, on the harmonic frequencies of Mercury and Venus [141.27HZ and 221.23HZ]. We will experience an immersive sound experience, to tune in and levitate, to gather together in a shared time of transformation.

The session starts at 6.30 sharp! Come on time, the early birds get the worm [hammoks and blankets to lie down and relax]...

But for those who can't be with us, prepare yourselves for an aural Gong session: you'll just have to tune in to Radio Papesse and pump up the volume, while the The Planetary Gong Kindergarten will take over our transmissions!

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