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Radio Papesse is a non-profit organization.


Since June 2006, we have aimed to offer an open space for experimentation that pairs the promotion of the sonic dimension of artistic production with insights into the world of contemporary art and culture and programmes supporting and training independent audio narration.



• implementing the archive with new interviews and new audio works,
• supporting the adoption of the Creative Commons Licence for all published materials in the archive and the free circulation of ideas, projects and cultural content,
• supporting the production of new art projects, events and initiatives for the promotion of sound art and radio and the experimentation in audio production,
• supporting mentoring programs and educational activities,

Be part of a community of similar spirits, radio, audio stories and contemporary art enthusiasts!

Please, fill this form and contribute the annual membership fee [€10,00 for 2024 ] via Paypal or bank transfer:

to: Radio Papesse APS
Bank: Unicredit - Branch: Firenze Vecchietti
IBAN: EN 06 J 02008 02836 000401118520

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PAYMENT CAUSE: renewal of Radio Papesse membership fee.

In case you make a one-off donation as friends and supporters
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*By signing this form, you accept the Statute of the Association, which can be found HERE.

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