Stories before news? | Bagni LUCIA

Podcast and Investigative Journalism | July 22nd, 7.30 PM


Bagni Lucia | Summer listening 
Every Wednesday in July
at Manifattura Tabacchi and LIVE on

Bagni LUCIA is an outdoor 6-episode radio show live from Manifattura Tabacchi, a series of collective listening sessions.


Bagni LUCIA dives into the complex world of investigative journalism.
Hostory of radio as a very long and nuanced tradition of reportage and audio journalism and in the last decades, with the explosion of podcast, it has found new attentive listeners, always thirsty for new stories.
But where does the thin line between news and stories lies?


On July 22nd a series of exceptional guest will help us navigate those treacherous waters: LIVE in the studio with us we'll have Lorenzo Bagnoli (journalist, IRPI media) and media sociologist Tiziano Bonini, while remotely connected will join us the voices of Francesca Berardi (journalist and independent radio producer) and Carlo Annese (Piano P, Corriere Daily).

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