September's Matryoshka: The Lucia Prize at the Pieve Prize

Save the date: September 16th, 2022


On 16 September at 11.30 a.m. we will be in Pieve Santo Stefano, together with our friend from Archivio dei Diari, to present a preview of the two audio works produced thanks to the support of Premio Lucia 2021

We will listen to and talk about Variazioni su M. - the project that Martina Melilli and Botafuego [Carolina Valencia Caicedo and Riccardo Giacconi] conceived starting from Leo Ferlan's letters - and Cantilenano le onde, the audio work that Alice Pontiggia wrote  with Houda Latrech and from her diary.

Carolina, Martina and Riccardo are working on the absence of the words of Miriam, the woman for whom Leo wrote letters, the woman who decided to donate them to the Diary Archive, but who took her voice, her answers, out of their story. Alice, on the other hand, fully understood Houda's urgency to narrate her generation's search for cultural identity. They are all at work these weeks, and we look forward to hearing from them and those who come to Pieve! 

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