SAVE THE DATE | October 27th | Lucia's Breakfast Club

At Lottozero in Prato


Croissant and sounds: one-hour listening session, great stories to share! 
Sunday October 27, 10.30 AM Lottozero, Prato

Breakfast Club is a preview of LUCIA | RADIO AT THE MOVIES, an international audiocraft festival, coming next, on December 12-14 2019 in Florence.

Next October 27th at Lottozero, Radio Papesse presents some of the most extraordinary and recently produced audio stories: features and fiction, radio productions and podcasts that are reshaping the way we use to listen. It’s cinema without images, audio narratives that Radio Papesse invites you to listen together! Italian and English subtitles will accompany the listening/screenings. ‬

‪Featuring stories by Jess ShaneJanna Graham and Neil Sandel. 

Neil Sandell
is an award-winning Canadian radio producer. In 2014 he moved to Nice, France, following a long career at CBC, including five years as senior producer of the award-winning first-person documentary program, Outfront. In 2011, he was named the Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, Canada’s most prestigious journalism fellowship. He has taught workshops at Third Coast, at the Hearsay International Audio Festival in Kilfinane, Ireland, and in Nuuk, Greenland. In 2015 he was a jury president at Prix Italia.

Jess Shane is a Canadian audio producer based in New York. Her work has aired on the BBC's Short Cuts, WBEZ’s Re:Sound, and CBC’s The Doc Project, Love Me, and Ideas. She is also the co-founder of Constellations, a podcast and collective for sound art and experimental audio. Most recently, Jess was a producer on CBC's Personal Best and Mic Drop. She is currently pursuing a masters in Media Arts at Hunter College with a focus on collaborative documentary practices.

Janna Graham is currently based somewhere between Yellowknife, NWT and Canada's east coast. She is a radio feature maker, sound forager, and long-time community radio champion. Her work has aired on public radio as well as on neighbourhood pirate radio transmissions.


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