Reveil: the sounds of daybreak


We're very proud to announce that on May 3rd we'll be part of the broadcasting network of Reveil the first live 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed by a network of audio streamers around the world.

Starting on Saturday at midnight ET (GMT-5, dawn London time) Reveil will travel West from one open microphone to the next, tracking the rising sun, and finish the following morning back in London where the show is being broadcast from the soundCamp at Stave Hill Ecology Park, about 2 miles from the Meridian line in Greenwich.

While in Florence there will be the FKL - Forum Klanglandschaft - the italian meeting of the European Soundscaping Forum, from which Radio Papesse will broadcast a series of live stream - from now and then we'll be turning our ears to the sounds of the world awakening.

The broadcast will combine streams from the Locus Sonus network, many assembled specially for this event, newly commissioned feeds from Abu Dhabi, Athens, Tehran and Italy, together with existing live audio from webcams, deep ocean hydrophones, Very Low Frequency radio and independent channels, covering all continents and time zones. Highlights include live streams from Austin, TX and Costa Rica by Joel Goodwin at; whalesong from Hawaii by the Jupiter Foundation, and wild soundscapes with goats and bells by Gregoire Lauvin (Locus Sonus) in the French Pyrenees.

The Reveil broadcast and the soundCamp are linked to International Dawn Chorus Day, an annual event when many people go out in the early morning to listen to birdsong.

Just tune in to be surprised!

Reveil is a project by Maria Papadomanolaki and Grant Smith.

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