Radiofonica - Live on Radio Papesse


From November 6th to November 8th, tune in on Radio Papesse and join us for the live broadcast from O’ - an independent gallery space focused on experimental music and sound in Milano - where a bunch of italian artists, radio producers, curators and professionals will be sharing practices, wishes, researches and forecasts around the future of radio production in Italy.

The symposium is organized by artists Anna Raimondo and Alessandro Bosetti and is gathering people from many diverse sound fields: Marcus Gammel, Elena Biserna, Stefano Perna, Zimmerfrei, Riccardo Fazi, Daria Corrias, Valeria MerliniDavide TidoniIsabella BordoniRodolfo SacchettiniAttila FaravelliBlauer HaseIrene RevellTiziano BoniniLeandro PisanoStefano GiannottiLaura Malacart (Skype conference), Lucia Farinati (Skype conference) and Lorenzo Pavolini.

Radio Papesse will be streaming the afternoon public talks. With just a few exceptions, the lectures will be held in Italian.

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