Radio Papesse turns 15!

Keep supporting us.


On June 21st 2021 Radio Papesse is 15 years old. 


In 2006, in Siena, the first radio station of a contemporary art centre in Italy - that Palazzo that no longer exists but whose name we wanted to keep in ours - was born. The audio archive that we have built up, together with hundreds of extraordinary artists, authors, curators, producers and thanks to the collaboration with many institutions... speaks of everything that has been and will still be. 

Meanwhile, in 2021, we find ourselves teenagers, almost incredulous that all these years have passed, but happy to be able to celebrate this fifteen-year-old girl who is problematic at times, always broke, generous - we are told - with her good temper but constantly looking for new identities. 

So hurray for Radio Papesse Quinceañera! 

And thanks to all of you, if you will keep supporting us carrying on this year's initiatives!
 If you do so, you will be rewarded with the must-have accessory for this summer: the Radio Papesse handbag! 


If you're in Florence or in the area, you can take it home with €10, otherwise it's €15, and we'll pay the shipping!

As always, via PAYPAL or bank transfer:

Unicredit Banca
Agenzia: Firenze Nazario Sauro
IBAN: IT 06 J 02008 02836 000401118520 

Thank You!!!


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