Radio Creatures

Listening to radio together!


Radio Papesse invites you for a shared listening evening! 


We will be joining a network of art spaces, private homes and radio all around the world - from Dakar to Barcelona - to listen to Radio Creatures, a live radio show streaming live from Recyclart on, next January 30th, at 7 pm sharp!


Initiated and curated by Anna Raimondo, Radio Creatures is a one-hour show in which various artists will perform live or present radio art works already produced about fluidity.


The audiences could intervene by whatsapp: send your vocal messages to 0032485187080. Ask yourk questions, make some noise/sonic interventions, sing us a songs…


The radio show will be mainly in french but also in English, Italian, Spanish and other languages and there will be a lot of pure sounds so that each audience could approach it. 


Radio Papesse is inviting you somewhere in Florence, secret venue, if you are interested to join us and listen to Radio Creature with us, write to Limited seats only! 

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