Some call it sound-art, new music, research sounds, acoustic experimentations or liminal sounds, we just call them Pepite, golden nuggets: tips on sound research, precious bits of our programming. Each week we select few Pepite and highlight them into our free from streaming.

This weekly Pepite leads us to the Antarctic Peninsula.

In the winter of 2003/4 Craig Vear embarked on an ambitious journey and musical project in Antarctica. The purpose was to compile an extensive library of field recordings from the Antarctic and Sub Antarctic regions, which would become the sound source for further music compositions.

I journeyed to far and desolate lands - Vear writes - recorded colonies of penguins and seals, flew to isolated huts deep in the Antarctic Peninsula, and smashed through pack ice aboard an ice strengthened ship. I experienced the euphoric highs and the mind-crushing lows of solitude, the overwhelming presence of all who had come and gone, together with the realization that I was, as a human and an artist, a mere speck on this planet.

An epic journey we want to celebrate, by giving Craig Vear and his album Antarctica some resonance here on Radio Papesse.

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