Some call it sound-art, new music, research sounds, acoustic experimentations or liminal sounds, we just call them Pepite, golden nuggets: tips on sound research, precious bits of our programming. Each week we select few Pepite and highlight them into our free from streaming. Another week of peculiar listenings and new sounds on the freeform programming of Radio Papesse.
In this group of Pepite we can find an Italian composer and sounds from Beirut, electroacoustic panoramas and feedback research.

Portrait - quando i suoni si addormentano

by Valeria Caputo

Those two works are part of Valeria Caputo's production, eclectic artist and composer whose work frequently explores the limits of vocal possibilities. Voyelles is a composition on voice, on the transformation and metamorphosis of sounds; all the sounds used in this piece do come from vocal emissions and the work is a re-interpretation of the poem Vowels by Arthur Rimbaud. The second piece –-Portrait - is dedicated to Salvador Dalì and the sounds used in the composition are nothing but elaborations and transformations of bells samplings.

Untitled sketch (for 'Beyrouth' / Western Mantra)
by Discipline
This is the first golden nugget from a series coming from Lebanon. This piece was recorded live on February 8th, 2010 in Radio Lebanon studios during Ziad Nawfal's show Ruptured; this track mixes and edits sounds, samples, drones, textures and loops that were later used for a live performance soundtracking the movie Beyrouth by Joseph Ghosn.

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