Radio Papesse and LUCIA Festival, along with the Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale, present the third edition of the LUCIA Award for audio production in Italian. 

Since 2006, Radio Papesse has promoted and supported experimental audio production, inviting artists and producers to challenge the rules of radio and audio narration. We continue to do so by joining forces with the Diary Archive and inviting podcasters and authors to engage with its incredible heritage, which includes almost 10,000 diaries, memoirs and epistolaries that have been collected in Pieve Santo Stefano since 1984. 

The LUCIA Award 2022 is aimed at an ever-growing community of talented producers and artists, it invites them to translate these small but great private lives into audio stories, to work around diaries that speak of bodies and their multiple and changing identities, their excesses, challenges and ruptures; of those bodies that are caught up in the folds of History - such as the First World War tormented and mutilated bodies Giuseppe Salvemini writes about; of those that have managed to rewrite their own story, like Tania Ferrucci – who speaks out loud about the long journey of transition and freedom of a woman born a boy – Thierno Sadou Sow and Seydi Rodriguez Gutierrez, who have gone beyond seas and borders to meet their dreams, or Valerio Daniel De Simoni, who left and never returned from an epic journey but who's still affecting many other peoples’ lives.

Read the synopsis, choose a diary and write us (2000 characters max.) how you would translate it into audio. 

What do we expect?

A proposal for the production of a new work of max. 30 minutes in Italian.
We are looking for proposals that enhance the diaries, at the same time using all the possibilities of audio storytelling. We are looking for quality and sound-rich productions.


Who can participate?

The Award is open to young producers and established professionals. You can participate alone or with a production group, if you are a collective or a theater company: prior experiences in narrative audio production or familiarity with audio storytelling will be favorably valued. 

Whatever your language might be, the Lucia Award is only for productions in Italian. 


What do you get?

Lucia awards two projects with € 2,500.00 (1° prize) and € 1.000,00 (2° prize).


How can you participate?

To participate you must:
1. read the Terms and Conditions and fill in the registration form [where you will be asked to upload a portfolio and the receipt of payment of the € 10.00 registration fee];
2. once you have filled in the registration form, you will receive a link to access a few extracts of the diary;
3. send your production proposal to no later than 11.00 PM on November 25th, 2022.

We encourage you to fill in the application form as soon as possible, so that you will have enough time to read the diary, do some research and think your proposal through before the deadline. For any further doubts or questions, please write to premiolucia[at]


The shortlist of selected proposals will be released by Monday, December 5th, 2022. 
The winning projects of this third edition of the LUCIA Award will be announced during the LUCIA Festival, on Sunday, December 11th, 2022. The jury’s motivation will be published on the website. 


The JURY members are:

ADN - Natalia Cangi, Tiziano Bonini
Carolina Valencia Caceido
Todo Modo Libreria - Maddalena Fossombroni e Pietro Torrigiani 
Radio Papesse - Ilaria Gadenz and Carola Haupt


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