Fearlessly facing the heat, Radio Papesse is getting ready for a few hard working weeks. July is already clock-full of festivals and events. So, what's next?

PIERCING THROUGH SOUND | July 9th and 10th, in Florence, at Villa Romana. On the occasion of Slices - On Time, a group show curated by Rebecca Ann Tess and Flo Maak, Radio Papesse will be running a workshop engaging young artists from South Korea, Egypt and Algeria in listening excercises and sound walks in town. 

SONO RADIO | July 12th, Piazza Santo Spirito, Florence. Our studio will be moving open air, at the very heart of the Florentine Oltrarno district, one of our favorite spot in town. Sono Radio will turn Piazza Santo Spirito into a street, one day, ephemeral radio studio, by regaining the medium as a social arena for a public event and debate around contemporary culture production. 


RADIO MARSILI | July 16th - 21st in Stromboli. Unfortunately we won't travel there but, upon Painè Quadrelli's invitation - Radio Papesse is working on an hour long radio show, Imaginary Islands, by selecting a set of soundworks out of our archive. Travelling without moving through sound!! Radio Marsili is part of Casa Marsili, a project by Casalinghe di Tokio for Volcano Stravaganza 2016.

LIMINARIA | #RURAL FUTURISM | July 18th - 23th, in Montefalcone di Valfortore, Ginestra degli Schiavoni and San Marco dei Cavoti. In the context of the festival Radio Papesse will be presenting Radio Instabile, a project initiated by Futurfarmers in Pollinaria, Abruzzo.

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