Commissioned by Progetto Diogene, upon invitation of Christian Frosi, Renato Leotta, Diego Perrone_Artissima LIDO. 

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking (Sondaggio: Torino) is the first chapter of the collaboration between Radio Papesse and Graham Hudson, artist in residence at Bivacco Urbano [a space and residency program curated by Progetto Diogene into an old tram vagon]. Sondaggio:Torino is a soundwalk, a Graham Hudson-guided city tour through the area between the Quadrilatero Romano and the Diogene Tram (at the crossroad between Corso Regio Parco and Corso Verona). Graham Hudson will be accompanied by Luca Morino and the Torino Archeology Society.

The aim is to provide people with an audio tour that will include words and speculations about the historical and contemporary Torino. The tour takes the listener from the Quadrilatero Romano, a recognised symbol of Turin's mythology to the Progetto Diogene Tram - a symbol of transitory architecture. Along the way Graham Hudson's evolving works will provide ?eeting landmarks that play between these concepts. 

The soundwalk will be online on November the 3rd, at and it will be downloadable from Progetto Diogene’s website. Moreover a number of QR code stickers will be scattered along the trail between the Quadrilatero and the Diogene Tram so that people can access the audio file, track on-site from their own smartphones. 

A detailed lea?et about the soundwalk and the trail will be available at the Progetto Diogene desk inside the Artissima LIDO archive pavillion The line in loving hope of becoming a sphere (Sondaggio: Torino) at the Libreria NB.

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