Il Primo Premio ARS a Radio Papesse & Co


Radio Papesse is founder of Trame di Lunigiana | Una rete di castelli, castelli in rete, an award-winning project of cultural enhancement and territorial development running in Lunigiana, a border area in the North of Tuscany. Together with Promo PA Fondazione, Associazione Lo Spino Bianco, Bone Wells Urbecon, Geographike, Florencetown and Istituto di Valorizzazione dei Castelli, Radio Papesse is setting up a territorial and an online platform to promote turism through cultural and experiencial initiatives. Our aim is to foster the accessibility of the local cultural heritage.

Radio Papesse will be responsible of the multimedia productions in order to give diver access to the territory, its history and culture.

Trame di Lunigiana is supported by Fondazione Italiana Accenture.


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