Geographies and audio identities

Workshop on territorial audio branding


>> this event is in English || il workshop si svolgerà interamente in Inglese <<

A workshop on territorial audio branding.

Since more than five decades the ways sound affects the perception of space and the sense of place have been at the center of discussions, researches and art practices. Philosophers, ethnologists, artists and musicians among others have dealt with the relations between sound and geographies.

There are many possible ways to tackle this subject and soundscaping practices are at the top of the list, but one perspective we cannot ignore comes not from artistic production but from the commercial and marketing field: audio branding.
To better understand it we decided to investigate the fundamentals of audio branding, its tools and its applications, with a question in mind: how could it be used to explore new readings of a territory?

From this context comes Geographies and audio identities.
Together with Filipe Gomes, Daniele Prina and Fabio Di Santo we will explore case histories and best practices.
What is audio branding? how sound design and marketing tools can be used to explore/enhance/question/narrate a place?

The workshop aims to make participants familiar with the use of sound in territorial and community based projects dealing with the construction of local identity.

Main topics
_ Intro to the audio branding : what is it?
_ Case histories : national and international examples
_ Beyond soundscaping: a bridge between audio branding and sound art
_ Keynote : Filipe Gomes

December 15th @ Villa Romana, Firenze
From 10.00 to 17.15
Click here for the detailed program

Attendance is FREE
for information and registrations please write to [participants are invited to register by December 12th]



Filipe Gomes, born in Portugal, raised and formed in the United Kingdom, is a successful sound artist from Ramsgate, UK.
As well as being an academic lecturer at the Canterbury Christ Church University, Filipe has also been working in theatre productions for some of the most famous London venues (Iris Theatre and Round House above all). He has also collaborated with museums, art galleries and city councils from all over the UK to create sound installations.
He founded Arco Barco Studio in 2015, which combines an industry-standard recording studio with a co- working space shared by creative figures of different kind, such as film directors, illustrators, graphic designers and actors, working at collective and individual projects.

Daniele Prina is a sound designer and music producer from Turin, graduated in “Creative Music Technology” at Canterbury Christ Church University in Broadstairs (UK). He's among the co-founders of Flac Lab and Allume Film, a video production company in which he’s entirely responsible of all the audio in every project. Although mainly involved in commercial branding projects he's a versatile sound artist, always prone to experimentations and evolutions.

Fabio Di Santo is a sound designer and composer working on audio production for films, video games, theatre, advertising and independent creative projects. Fabio is a freelancer sound designer and sound engineer at Arco Barco Studio, where he records, mixes and masters.

The workshop is organized in the context of Süden Radio, a critical project on new geographies of sound.
With Süden, Radio Papesse wants to stage a meeting platform for both theoretical, creative and territorial related practices in order to shed light on the importance of questioning notions of sound identity both in shaping and narrating a territory.

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