A brand new series commissioned by collective Radio Arts


June 25th, 26th and 27th are the dates for a new streaming event on Radio Papesse. Join us at 5pm for Dreamlands, a brand new series commissioned by UK collective Radio Arts which explores the limits and possibilities of the radiophonic medium itself.

The three new works that will be broadcasted have been produced after the Dreamland commission open call and do explore onirical - and at the same time iper-real - dimensions that go from literature (Edgar Allan Poe's in Joaquin Cofreces' piece), to politics (the 'collateral damages' of the war on terror brought up by Wikileaks and Manning's revelations in Whitehead's piece), to science (the sleep clinics in McHough's work).

Trasmission schedule:
June 25th at 5pm - Gregory Whitehead : Crazy Horse One Eight
June 26th at 5pm - Joaquin Cofreces : Dream-Land (1844)
June 27th at 5pm - Michael McHugh : The Dream of The Dream Scientist

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