Alexandria Streets Project

At the Museo del Novecento


A Sonic Map of Alexandria is part of the ALEXANDRIA STREETS PROJECT, an experiential mapping and audio art project by Berit Schuck and Julia Tieke that investigates relations between people and spaces in Alexandria, Egypt.



Developed on the streets of the Mediterranean city almost two years after the January revolution of 2011, during the presidency of Mohammed Mursi, the work is alive today as an archive of stories,  voices, music and sounds of Alexandria's reality in fall/winter 2012 and can be considered as an example of writing Egyptian social, political and cultural history in times of transition.


We are glad to contribute to the Italian premier of A Sonic Map of Alexandria, in the context of Middle East / Voices & Sounds, a festival curated by Roberto Ruta and Lisa Chiari within the Estate Fiorentina program.
A 16 channel sound intallation is open to the public at the Museo Novecento in Florence. 
If you're interested in listening to the sounds and voices of Alexandria, a few days are left. Visit it until September 30th. 





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