About Sound Threshold

Notes on soundscaping and Alpine landscapes


On July 15th, 2008 we climbed to 1500mt. up to the Alpine Ecology Center at the Viote of Bondone Mountain - about twenty five kilometers from Trento. The reason we went up there is because the Center is hosting the very first project of Sound Threshold, a curatorial idea by Daniela Cascella and Lucia farinati to explore the boundaries between art, sound and landscape.

As a collateral event to Manifesta 7, Sound Thershold invited sound artist and recordist Chris Watson to work on site and to produce a cd, the now so titled Cima Verde.

We did record an interview with Daniela Cascella and Lucia Farinati about Sound Threshold and the production of Cima Verde; there we also had a very long conversation with Chris Watson about his work as a nature recordist and how a sound artist can interpret the alpine landscape.

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