A Classical Education - Garth Knox - Solo Viola d'Amore

It’s time for some classical music


Let’s take a pause. It’s time for some classical music. Some contemporary bits and old classics available on brand new recordings. It’s time for A Classical Education together with Garth Knox and his viola d'amore, a baroque 7 or 6 stringed musical instrument he reinterprets by making it sound contemporary. The viola d'amore has multiple strings and an infinite number of possible sound worlds. I was happy to explore some of these here - Know says - in a mixture of pre-meditated scenarios and free improvisations.

Tuesday May 17th at 6PM
Oriental Blues
Sympathetic Shperes I
Double digital Duo
Bottlenek bow scan

Thursday May 19th at 6PM
Homage to Jack Vanarsky
Fabula Fantasy
Sympatethic Spheres II
Other colour

Enjoy the listening and if you wanto to download the album, it has been released under CC by Shsk'h.

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