Bagni Lucia is a 3 chapter sonic plunge in our mobile and en plein air studio: next September we're welcoming you in Florence for a series of listening sessions together with Cristina Marras and Marco Stefanelli.

On September 3rd [6.30 pm and 9.30 pm] at Villa Romana, on the occasion of its annual Open Studios night, we will listen to stories about nature, trees, ashes and new lives. On Wednesday September 7th [6.30 p.m.], at Manifattura Tabacchi, we listen, walk and imagine new ways of exploring and journeying in space, the one close to us and the sidereal one. On Thursday 8th [6.30 pm] the program wraps up at Manifattura Tabacchi with lost tales and rediscovered voices. 

With works by, among others, Daria Corrias, Kate Donovan, Stefano Giannotti, Martina Melilli & Botafuego, Cosmin Nicolae, Rimini Protokoll, Alessia Rapone, Le Collectif WOW!  ...


by Daria Corrias

On 24 July 2021, in the Montiferru area, in the centre-west of Sardinia, a fire of unexpected violence destroyed 20,000 hectares of land, perhaps changing forever a landscape rich in forests and a local economy based on the cultivation of olive trees. Fires on the island are nothing new: every year something burns and last year was a season of fires all over Italy and in various parts of the world. Climate change and lack of care for the environment are turning our lands into desolation heaths similar to a lunar landscape.

di Cosmin Nicolae

There’s a garden between the buildings. At first it was probably planned and landscaped. Then the plants (largely bushy, ornamental) grew naturally wild. Maybe someone threw an apple core out the window one day. A shy apple tree has grown, nothing more than a handful of twigs. This year it bore fruit: four apples. Usually, not much comes out of apple seeds. Apparently this time it has. It usually takes between five and twelve years for the apple tree sprung from seed to bear fruit. ‘Applecore’ is the story of the apple seed that sprouted in a wild garden between buildings in Berlin.
This sound piece was commissioned by SEMI SILENT in the frame of the 2021 edition of SONIC FUTURE RESIDENCIES.

Meteor Bodies
by Kate Donovan

In 1954, a woman was woken from her nap on the couch by a meteorite crashing through the ceiling of her home, bouncing off the radio and eventually hitting her body. The re-telling of this famous tale is intertwined with notions of care, protection, and daydreams, all the while wondering: what is between us and the space rocks rushing through the universe?

Meteor Bodies is a dreamy afternoon rumination on celestial, atmospheric, and human bodies.


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