On Saturday September 5th, Villa Romana hosted the late summer ritual of Open Studios, an open door night with performances, concerts, projections, talks and much more going on in-house, in the garden, under the trees, under the moon...

Radio Papesse con Alisa Margolis, Open Studios 2015, ph. Alaa Ghosheh


If you were not around, Radio Papesse set up an open air studio for a long marathon of radio talks, book lauches, conversations and music, accompanied by Alisa Margolis, Johannes Paul Raether, Anike Joice Sadiq & Maximilian Bauer, Judith Raum & Sabeth Buchman, Angelika Stepken, Jeremiah Day, Alaa Ghosheh and by the music of Heatsick, P.O.R.C.H.E, Solki and Perigon.

Now, available online - free listening and download - some of the radio sessions. Enjoy!


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