Every early September Villa Romana hosts OPEN STUDIOS, Villa Romana's yearly late summer ritual to welcome visitors - old and new friends, artists, performers, florentines and international guests - with performances, concerts, projections, talks and much more going on in-house, in the garden, under the trees, under the moon...



Radio Papesse set up an open air studio in the garden, Fuori Radio and had the chance to talk about gardens and landscapes together with Tessa Matterini [landscape architect] and Atelier Le Balto; we met guerrilla gardener Giacomo Salizzoni and we listened to many different gardens: John Peel's Perfumed Garden, back to 1967 and those crazy sounds coming from Datscha Radio Festival: compost and poiesis

We had Alvaro Urbano and Petrit Halilj - 2014 Villa Romana's fellows - talk about For the birds, a great more than 80 metres long bird cage running throughout Villa Romana's park. 



Now, available online - free listening and download - here there are some glimpses of our day. Enjoy! 


Foto Ilan Zarantonello, Archivio Villa Romana, Firenze

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