Radio Epode

Tobi Maier for Manifesta7


Manifattura Tabacci, Rovereto, Principle Hope exhibition venue, curated by Adam Budak, Manifesta7, 2008.


In the frame of Principle Hope, a group show curated by Adam Budak in Rovereto for Manifesta7, Tobi Maier is presenting Radio Epode, a radio broadcast series featuring a bunch of artists working with sound. Radio Epode - that comes with Auditory Epode, an exhibition set in post industrial ruins in Rovereto  - goes beyond Trentino's borders, trying to get a wider audience. That's why it is broadcast by Radio RAI, Italian National Public Radio, and it is now here, on Radio Papesse. 


The artists taking part into the radio series are Adam Leech, Anna Ostoya, Jeremiah Day, Michael Eddy & Ilja Karilampi, Mark Schreiber, Chris Watson, Falke Pisano, Florian Hecker, Ricardo Jacinto, TETINE, Nico Vascellari, Festival Netmage, Zafos Xagoraris.

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