TitleAuthor GenreYearTag
Le parole dell'indipendenza Radio Papesse, Carola Haupt Spoken Word 2018 Turin, NESXT, ArteSera, indipendenza
Landings and Drifts Ilaria Gadenz, Radio Papesse Documentary 2018 river, asylum, Medici, psychiatry
Ceramics on the water Ilaria Gadenz, Radio Papesse Documentary 2018 river, innovation, tradition, Arno
Ecosystems Carola Haupt, Radio Papesse Documentary 2018 river, birds, nature, ecosystem
Remote Orchestra | Bethlehem - Jerusalem - Tirana Valentina Bonizzi Radio Show 2017 Jerusalem, collaboration, Skype, Valentina Bonizzi
Epiphany Alyssa Moxley Field recording 2017 Mediterranean, Süden Radio 2017, field recording, Athens
Aquarium de Casablanca Abdellah M. Hassak Soundscape composition 2017 Third Soundscape, Süden Radio 2017, citizenship, Abdellah M. Hassak
Peripherial Cantata Bartosz Panek Field recording 2017 Istanbul, city, Süden Radio 2017, sound postcard
Macédoine: the utopian South VS. the dystopian West Toni Dimitrov Soundscape composition 2017 Toni Dimitrov, utopia, identity, Macedonia
Vacuum Polisonum Soundscape composition 2017 South, Third Soundscape, Italy, Süden Radio 2017
Makan Project - Think Tanger Abdellah M. Hassak Performance 2017 Morocco, city, memory, Süden Radio 2017
Qualia Charo Calvo Radio play 2017 Mediterranean, translation, Bruxelles, women
‘Nu poc ’e me Anna Raimondo Documentary 2017 folk music, Naples, documentary, neomelodic
Stranded Fannie Vrillaud Documentary 2017 new geographies of sound, migration, Süden Radio 2017, Alessandro Triulzi
Nocturne Luciene Gaudion Electroacoustic 2017 South, insects, electroacoustic composition, Süden Radio 2017
Light Gets In La Cosa Preziosa Electroacoustic 2017 South, Süden Radio 2017, Susanna Caprara, Pollino
Anthropologie Pierre Garnier Sound Poetry 2017 sound poetry, repetition, MART, language
Veronika Paul de Vree Sound Poetry 2017 sound poetry, MART, Tullia Denza, Paul de Vree
Fourteen Jack Andrius Arutiunian Music 2017 Armenia, South, mix, diaspora
Green line Pablo Sanz Field recording 2017 Palestine, Jerusalem, borders, Israel
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