Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 723 | The Dirty Dozen Radio ARA Wendy Winn, Ben Dratwicki, Jamie Reinert, Claire Thill, Sandra Laborier, Véronique Faber, Justin Jacquot, Monique Hoffmann, Luca Piparo, Isabel Scott 2019 Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, field recording, season 41
Radia Show 740 | How can the cat be both dead and alive? Radio Panik Magdalena Le Prévost 2019 Canada, radio marathon, noise, indigenous
Radia Show 724 | Radia-Là Radio Grenouille 2019 John Cage, mental illness, psychiatry, radio transmission
Radia Show 725 | Call & Answer Radio Campus Connor Walsh 2019 birds, radio, airplane, Wales
Radia Show 726 | Plugholes Soundart Radio Catherine Guy, Lucinda Guy 2019 journey, Lukas Simonis, sea, radio drama
Radia Show 727 | Sound Chronicles from Cabo Verde Radio Zero Marco Scarassatti 2019 journey, experimental documentary, field recording, season 42
Radia Show 729 | Circular Thinking Resonance FM Mark Vernon, Jenn Mattinson 2019 loop, experimental documentary, season 42, cyclical
Radia Show 728 | Granuar Synthesis Sessions Kanal 103 Dominic Razlaff 2019 experimental, sound art, field recording, season 42
Radia Show 720 | Space is the place Usmaradio Roberto Paci Dalò 2019 space, science and art, science, season 41
Radia Show 739 | The Horse RadioWORM Lukas Simonis, Alexander Iezzi 2019 therapy, psycho-thriller, season 42
Radia Show 731 | A symphony for San Donato Radio Papesse Jason Cady 2019 Firenze, radio performance, experimental composition, Novoli
Radia Show 732 | Radia Miro JET FM 2019 birds, improvisation, bells, carnival
Radia Show 733 | The Dog That Licked Up A Star radio x Gabi Schaffner 2019 Taiwan, deceleration, Hengchun, orchid
Radia Show 734 | My Digital Music Collection Radio One 91 FM 2019 sound poetry, portrait, music, list
Radia Show 735 | Gaia Drifting in the Sky Campus Paris Julie Rousse 2019 nature, earth, field recording, electromagnetic waves
Radia Show 736 | Mother Drone and Other Ancient Spirits of Great Power CFRC 101.9 FM Jeremy Kerr 2019 drone, season 42, demons
Radia Show 737 | No Ravens Left for the Funeral Radio Corax André Damião 2019 residency, radio art, season 42, instrumental
Radia Show 738 | This is a mistake! Orange 94.0 Wiener Radia Kollektiv 2019 Digital, computer, glitch, season 42
Radia Show 741 | Tell them not to kill me. A mexican tale TEA FM Juan Rulfo 2019 Mexico, literature, Juan Rulfo, Mexican Revolution
Radia Show 742 | Programming Environments Wave Farm WGXC 90.7-FM Jen Kutler 2019 Paul Feitzinger, Messica Arson, Sarah GHP, live coding
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