Support Radio Papesse


Radio Papesse is now a non-profit organization.

Since 2006 we have been trying to set up an open space to experiment in the field of art; with a particular attention to the sonic dimension of the artistic production, Radio Papesse offers a non commercial musical programming and in-depht contributions into the world of contemporary art and culture.

Joining Radio Papesse means to sustain the artistic research and the diffusion of the arts.
It means to give young artists the chance to know and meet older and more established artists in a distance dialogue that only radio can create.

Being a member means to give a real contribution to the research into the field of the contemporary sonic production (of contemporary art).

With a little help you may:

• Make the audio archive grow with new productions and collections.
• Keep on listening indipendent music and experimental productions
• Sustain the work of sound artists we are working with
• Support the free circulation of idea through the adoption of the Creative Commons Licence

There are many ways of helping Radio Papesse.
You can make a donation, you can join us and if you like our job spread the word to your friends!

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