CROWN relay from Usmaradio

radio in the time of viruses


How's life in the time of viruses? 

Radio Papesse joins forces with USMARADIO and becomes an amplifier for CROWN, a new series of daily shows in which musicians, artists and audio lovers will share their sounds live.


To play together from different locations, yet united through radio.
To listen together, from different locations, thanks to the medium of radio.

From Wednesday, March 11th, streaming LIVE 5pm 
Stay at home and open your ears!
just tune in to or


Master of ceremonies: Roberto Paci Dalò
Wednesday 11th: Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (update: due to technical issues the show will start at 6pm)
Thursday 12th: Andrej Rublev
Friday 13th: Michele Selva
Saturday 14th: Paolo Bragaglia
Sunday 15th: Paolo Dellapiana
Monday 16th: Gianpaolo Antongirolami
Tuesday 17th: Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo
Wednesday 18th: Aspect Ratio
Thursday 19th: Michele Selva
Friday 20th: Lorenza Ghinelli
Saturday 21st: Johann Merrich / L'Impero della Luce
Sunday 22nd: Karen Werner
Monday 23rd: Gabriele Frasca
Tuesday 24th: Robert Lippok
Wednesday 25th: Eleftherios Krysalis
Thursday 26th: Enrique Mendoza
Friday 27th: Laura Magni
Satuirday 28th: Rupert Huber
Sunday 29th: GX Jupitter-Larsen
Monday 30th: Mia Zabelka
Tuesday 31st: Peter Courtemanche (aka. Absolute Value of Noise)
Wednesday 1st: Paolo Dellapiana
Thursday 2nd: Zahra Mani
Friday 3rd: Vincenzo Ostuni
Saturday 4th: Roberta Busechian (Errant Sound)
Sunday 5th: Fabio Mina
Monday 6th: Francesco Giomi
Tuesday 7th: Hollyspleef
Wednesday 8th: Michele Braga

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