Toni Dimitrov || Lazaropole

Lazaropole (2013) is a story about the homonym village in Western Macedonia, one of the highest settlements in the country. Lazaropole is located on the plateau of Mount Bistra, beautifully surrounded by beech and oak forests. Nowadays the village is mostly abandoned; aside occasional excursionists or weekend residents, none live there permanently.


This piece is dedicated to Lazaropole, its history, its sound and its natural beauty. This piece includes sounds recorded in the surrounding of the village – on the peaks, in the forests, in the churches – interviews with authors who have written books about the village or  its history, recordinds of poet Jovan Lambeski reading poems and singer Emili Slavkovska singing songs in the local churches.

Interviews: Natali Slavkovska
Music and Singing: Emili Slavkovska

BIO || Toni Dimitrov is a cultural producer and explorer, radio host and activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber but he is also a sound artist-dj-designer and label owner. He is based in Skopje, Macedonia. He hosts two radio programs on Kanal 103 – Post Global and Musica and Politics – dedicated to contemporary electronic music. His recent activities are connected to other projects such as Tiny Noise Radia, Upgrade, Kanal103, Line Initiative and Movement, Produkcija and many more.