Roger Mills | Idea of South

A multi-stream radiophonic composition for two radio stations and Internet stream.Inspired by resonances of location and memory, Idea of South sets out to explore, provoke and question our sense of place in the southern hemisphere. Combining networked terrestrial radio and Internet streaming, the work was originally composed by Roger Mills as three individual audio tracks, comprising live music, field recordings, and spoken word.

Idea of South was broadcast simultaneously between Sydney radio stations 2SER and FBI, with concurrent Internet stream shoutcast from University Technology, Sydney on the 14th June 2009. To experience the work, listeners tuned their devices (radios and/or mobile phones, iphones) into both radio station frequencies as well as picking up a Shoutcast Internet stream from the site.

Idea of South seeks to push the boundaries of experimental radio by engaging listeners to become actively involved with the interactive decision making part of the entertainment. Listeners are encouraged to experiment with the position of their radio’s, guaranteeing a unique and immersive experience, which will unsettle as much as it will sooth.

Idea of South is a musical sound journey integrating live processed trumpet, violin and location recordings, contributed by sound artists and phonographers throughout the southern hemisphere.

A stereo version of the original piece will be broadcast by Radio Papesse on September 8th at 2.00 pm.

BIO || Roger Mills is a composer and media sound artist whose practice and research focuses on networked music performance, improvisation, music composition and experimental radio. He wrote and produced albums with Statik Sound System (Cup of Tea Records) and remixed tracks for British electro rockers Kosheen. Other credits include his collaboration with Grantby on Mo Wax’s Headz 2 and Sydney’s DJ Soup on Creative Vibes ‘Evolutionary Vibes III’, featured as album of the week on Tripple J. He is the founder of the Ethernet Orchestra, an improvisatory networked music ensemble exploring the creative and cognitive challenges faced by cross-cultural musicians performing in telematic audio interfaces. The ensemble also informs his PhD research at the University of Technology, Sydney, where he also lectures in sound and music design and media arts. He is online editor and curator of sound arts journal and net label, and works as a freelance composer and sound designer.