Radias Radio Productions

Radia is a group of radio stations exploring new and forgotten ways of making radio. It was born from the desire to use radio as an art form. Twenty-four radios: the approaches differ, as do the local contexts; from commissioned radio art works to struggles for frequencies to copyright concerns, all the radios share the goal of an audio space where something different can happen. Taking radio as an art form, claiming that space for creative production in the mediascape and cracking apart the notion of radio is what Radia does.

Each week it gives artists the challage to make radio, each week a new radio production is distributed by one of the members of the network to the others.

From August 26th to September 8th you will listen to a selection of Radia Shows we love the most in the context of Süden Radio (check the schedule out!):

Laos dreamin’ by Anne Laure Lejosne – Radia Show 394 from Jet FM

Crossings by Barbara De Dominicis – Radia Show 314 from Radio Papesse

Andalusian Sound Journey by Anna Keleher – Radia Show 321 from Soundart Radio

Radio d’Oiseaux (Kokako variations) by Sally Ann McIntyre – Radia Show 374 from Radio Cegeste

And the sun came up by Nicolas Perret and Cedric Anglaret – Radia Show 340 from Radio Grenouille

Istanbul Courthoustep by 2/5BZ/span> – Radia Show 397 from Reboot FM.