Pierre Jolivet || Saywachakuna

Saywachakuna (6’48″) is based on a Peruvian Wayñu in Quechua Language with extracts from anthropological material collected by José María Arguedas (1960-63)


Urqupi qasapi saywachakuna,
Tayta mamayman rikchakunspayki
Saywachakuna rumi muntuncha.

Tayta mamayman rikchakunspaykim,
Hawka pasaqta waqachiwanki
Saywachakuna, rumi muntuncha

Composition & Amazonian field recordings: Pacific 231 / Pierre Jolivet (France)
Voice: Sara Sue Hellen Rodriguez Garcia de Jolivet (Perú)

Want to know more about the Peruvian Wayñu and Quechua Language? HERE some Wiki.

BIO || Pacific231 is a project by Pierre Jolivet. It came into existence in the early 1980s and belonged to the first wave of industrial / power electronics groups. Early albums were released by Le Syndicat (France), Cause & Effect (USA), and Bunker Records (Canada). Invaluable assistance  was given in due time by Psyclones with whom Pierre recorded a couple of albums under the Psy 231 moniker, and was released on their label Ladd-Frith. Other notable releases include Ethnicities on Rotorelief, Palestine in collaboration with Rapoon on Old Europa Cafe, Cthulhu Revisited with Vox Populi! on Monochrome Vision and most recently the very innovative Micromega on Silent Media. His works currently explore the very limit of sound and space encapsulating also a strong experimental audiovisual facet.