Pia Bolognesi || 17th Bethnal & 2nd St.

17th Bethnal & 2nd St. (2013, 10:10) is a fragmental journey into the soundscape of three detachment processes from the South of the City: Number 17 on third floor (South of Milano), Florida St. in Bethnal (South of London), 2nd St (South of NYC). Each part, recorded by following a process of mnemonic deconstruction, brings to light a fictive sense of openness between the perception of emotional and geographical belonging and the struggle with the surrounding physical environment.


BIO || Pia Bolognesi‘s practice investigates the visual complexity in the social and aesthetic environment through traditional devices and experimental media.
She works as researcher and independent curator and starting from 2012 runs Atelier impopulaire, an expanded project focused on the study and reinterpretation of the film device in its structural and performative forms. She created and curated site specific works, performances, retrospectives and installations at Centre Pompidou (Paris),Tate Modern (London), O’ (Milan) and Mains d’Oeuvres (Paris).
She is currently working on forthcoming projects for MoMA (New York), Cinémathèque Québécoise (Montreal) and an editorial series for AI. She is finishing her Ph.D in Art History and Performing Arts.