Meira Asher || One blanket lost

The trafficking of Nigerian girls for prostitution in Spain started in the early 90s, frequently involving long transits in the Algerian and Moroccan deserts. One blanket lost – also the title of this piece (2010) –  is  a common expression used by the traffickers, mourning the loss of blankets in which they buried girls who died on the way. Erica was the sole surviver from the boat which carried her to Spanish waters. She lost her baby girl and boyfriend at sea, after which she started paying a 42,000 Euro debt to her madam.


Thanks to Erica Osemwigie, Norberto Fresno (Acción en red-Canaries), Rita, Happy, Carlos Jarque (volunteer-Centro Lugo, Cáritas), Mila Barrera. Download the script


Erica protagonist (trafficked Nigeria-Spain)
Rita: Erica’s friend (trafficked Nigeria-Spain)
Happy: Erica’s friend (trafficked Nigeria-Spain)
Norberto: lawyer, Acción en red-Canaries

One blanket lost is mastered by Paul Kendal and commissioned by ORF Kunstradio, Austria.


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BIO || Composer-performer and image-sound artist, Meira Asher was born in Tel Aviv in 1964. From 1998 to 2011 she lived and worked in the Netherlands. Studied Tabla and Dhrupad in Varanasi-India, traditional drumming, voice and dance in Ghana, both of which she later taught and performed. He got a BFA in performance arts (percussion major) at the California Institute of the Arts in 1990 and a Master in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague, in 2002. She is co-founder of the Bodylab Art Foundation The Hague.