Magz Hall & Jim Backhouse || Still Moving Sculpture, Off the Pier

Still moving sculpture, off the pier FM (2013. 4’50″) is a micro broadcast of Herne Bay roller skaters in South East England. The work is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Musical Sculpture. “Sounds lasting and leaving from different places and forming a sounding sculpture that lasts.” ( Note from the Green Box, 1934).


This work is a homage to the rollerskaters who for 100 years skated over the sea via a roller skating rink on the pier of this once popular English South-East seaside town, sadly the roller rink was demolished in 2012, this work exists as a sound memory of this space.
Duchamps was thinking of giving up art to become a librarian but was inspired by Herne Bay and its pier during his summer there 100 years ago in 1913 he travelled South back to Paris with his inspiration of the pier and its roller skaters and lights and then produced the Large Glass and other important works.


BIOs || Magz Hall is a creative sound and radio artist and senior lecturer at Canterbury Christchurch University. Her sound work has been exhibited in the British Museum, the Sainsbury Centre, MACBA Barcelona, Deep Wireless Festival Toronto Canada and worldwide on the ether. A founder of Radio Arts she also runs the Expanded Radio Research group at CCCU. Her Radio Art blog is she is completing a practice based PhD in Radio Art at UAL, CRISAP (Creative Research in Sound Art Practice).

James Backhouse is a sound artist, musician and producer; he is a co-founder of Radio Arts; his blog is
His latest release is Kunst is Tot on Peripheral Conserve.