Léa Promaja || Saïd

Saïd was recorded on the spot, unprogrammed, as a young man decided to share his concerns on his life, and share his poetic way to do so, right in the middle of a cycling workshop. He adresses, through his personal life and feelings, the most actual issue that comes in my mind as the “South”: the question of migrations.


Saïd is from the Sahara desert. Saïd and his art, that of narrating reality. He repairs bicycles in an improvised cycling workshop set into a squat in Bologne. The cycling workshop is this only place where he can make his own art without being exploited. He found a humane dimension there, a sincere acknowledgement. He learnt everything here, he made his first steps into italian by learning the name of the bike parts. Saïd is from the South, he learnt to give voice to his life, his desires, his thoughts by tuning the rhythm of a rap song. He left from the South….he separated from his South, somehow he cry for it.

BIO || Léa Promaja is a sound artist from France, concerned with human interactions and the strenght of the moments.

Noiselle, another figure at the cycling workshop and sound artist himself, connected to the project and worked on the technical realisation of the sound.