Federico Dal Pozzo || Lessness

Lessness (2013, 07:30) came into being during a performance Federico Dal Pozzo made within the “Ti con zero.Radio” program curated by Alessandro Sciaraffa for the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation in Turin. He used VLF – Very Low Frequency - waves generated at the North Pole by the solar electrical activity when the waves run into the stratosphere; radio waves received by an old badly functioning valve radio; a real-time modified Didgeridoo, the Australian ancestral radio.


Lessness was mixed eventually, paying homage to the compositional method used by Bruno Maderna for his Notturno. It is a further step of my experimentation with radio waves.

“I’ve always been passionate about the great from the 50s - Pierre Shaffer above all - and their compositional methods, developed within the main European Phonology Studios and their ability to make sounds with low and  just few technological means.

BIO || Born in 1976, Federico Dal Pozzo, composer and musician, studied drumming with Mario Bracco and Vittorio Panza. In 2000 he joined the Dadadang with which he has been playing around Europe and beyond. In 2007 Dal Pozzo he graduated in Sound Engeneering in Ohio- U.S.A. He is a sound designer collaborating with Felipe Aguila, Elena Birighelli and Alessandro Sciaraffa.