Angelo Airò Farulla || Regione

REGIONE (2013, 15:00) is a neoclassic composition inspired by the landscape around the sicilian city Agrigento that, as Luigi Pirandello reports, was called Caos. The caos, as the ancient Greeks used to conceive it: the primary element, both generating and devastating. The piece is a sort of music for a popular feast, for a procession, for a funeral and it combines both the imaginary of the historical South – that dates back to the Kingdom of the two Sicilies – and my private one, my father’s land Favara.


Regione (otherwise variations on Giovanni Paisiello’s “Kinkdom of the two Sicilies” hymn and on Michelangelo Cantone’s and Ferdinando Valente’s hymns) is a pavana written for keyboard sampler with sound of scacciapensieri, migration, cymbals and two serpents.

The heterogeneity of the South and its deadly dimension of mixture and corrumption is sketched in the way the arrangement of Giovanni’s Paisiello’s hymn brings together the arabic scale and the spanish rithm of the pavana. The title takes inspiration from the regions of Hymnen by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

BIO || Angelo Airò Farulla is founding member of L’epimeteide artists collective in the frame of which he has composed music and sonic landscapes for theatre and site specific intallations. In 2007 he was awarded the Radio Rai Microfono di Cristallo Prize.