Alessio Ballerini || Night in day

Night in day (2011) is included in the album “Music from the puddle”.
All the field recordings and the arrangements have been recorded in the South of Italy. Alessio Ballerini finds interesting to work with field recordings, to create a soundscape out of a site specific experience, having in mind another places – in this case some American landscapes mirrored by the paddles and photographed in a period of 13 years – and realising the sound pieces to even further sites around the world.


The site that has been first recorded become something else, becomes something we keep into our imagination. As Murray Schafer states: “it is only through music that man can find a genuine armony between his own inner world and the world outside. It will be into music that man will find the perfect model of that sonic landscape that lives into his imagination.

His idea of soundscape reflects a non territorial dimension of the territory, that is borderless and as wide as the imagination can get, where it is possible to create something new, many personal landscapes.

BIO || Alessio Ballerini is a multimedia artist and uses a computer and other devices to create experimental, minimalist and multi-stratified sounds and films. He has been a member of the cinematographic group Postodellefragole since 2004. In 2010, he founded AIPS [Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori] together with other Italian sound-scapers.
He has played and realized projects in the most important Italian festivals, galleries, museums and other spaces: C(h)orde, Robot, Acusmatiq, Flussi, Node, Maxxi, Pastificio Cerere, Adiacenze, Galleria civica di Modena, Castello Malaspina, Castel Sant’Elmo..
He has collaborated and shared the stage with Alva Noto, Lawrence English, Oval, Retina, Enrico Coniglio, Senking, Erik Skodvin, Giuseppe Cordaro, Francesco Giannico, TU M’, Pietro Riparbelli…

Music from the puddle (2011) is produced by Time Released Sound and Alessio Ballerini.
Ph. Colin Herrick, Maurizio Pantalone