Transnational Radio Conference 2018

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The Radio conference 2018 lands in Prato, Italy. Organized by Monash University and hosted in its Monash Arts Centre in Prato, from July 10th to July 13th, the conference will gather scholars from all over the world to discuss and present their rearches on the sate of the art in radio studies.


And Radio Papesse is very happy to live stream selected panels form the conference.


The conference takes inspiration from its location in Italy and the Libertà d'antenna ‘Free Radio’ movement of the 1970s through which civil society and commercial organisations pushed for greater access to the media and forced an end to the state’s broadcasting monopoly. At the height of the movement, in mid-1978, more than 2000 independent radio stations were on air, making Italy the world leader in stations per capita. The movement not only freed up the Italian broadcasting landscape so new voices from across the political spectrum could be heard, but some stations also actively sought to break radio free from its established aesthetic through experiments in production technology, style and form.

Drawing on the theme of ‘Free Radio’ the conference will feature papers reporting on a range of radio and audio media research, including studies investigating: production and aesthetics, community radio, public service and policy, commercial industries, technology and innovation, podcasting and webstreaming, sound and radio history, education and training, storytelling and narrative, art and creative practice, radio & audio media translation...and a whole lot more.


The full program is available here -



[more panels in live streaming tba]


Tue 10 @ 18.00 : The legacy of Free Radio in Italy  || with: Marcello Lorrai [Radio Popolare], Giorgio Zanchini [Radio Anch’io’] & Tiziano Bonini [University of Siena]


Wed 11 @ 11.30 : Up in the air: Where is radio studies now?  || keynote by Kate Lacey [University of Sussex]


Wed 11 @ 15.30Women on Air; Radio, the Self and Memory || chair: Katie Moylan || with: Lori Beckstead [Ryerson University] Pass the Mic: Women Finding Space on Air, Lu Lin [RMIT University] Transmitting the (M)other Tongue: Towards a Feminist Poetics of Radio, Wei Lei [China Radio International] In pursuit of a better self: digital radio and listening in contemporary China, Magdalena Szydłowska [University of Warmia and Mazury] The Archive of Polish Radio folk culture collection: A collective memory analysis.


Thu 12 @ 11.30Levelling the playing field: Informing citizens through radio || keynote by Graham Dixon [European Broadcasting Union]


Thu 12 @ 13.30Voices of the People: Intimacy, Subjectivity, and the Sound of Podcasting || Chair: Michelle Rayner || with: 

Siobhán McHugh [University of Wollongong] Subjectivity, Intimacy, and the Podcast Host: Phoebe’s Fall and The Daily, Richard Berry [University of Sunderland] A Pantone of Podcasts: Typologies and Understandings of Podcasting, Andrew Bottomley [The State University of New York College at Oneonta] Sensational Voices: Investigating Discourses of Intimacy in Podcast Production Culture


Fri 13 @ 9.30The Radio Arts || Chair: Virginia Madsen || with: Magz Hall [Canterbury Christ Church University] The legacy of Free Radio on Contemporary Radio Arts Practice, Sally Ann McIntyre [Independent / Artist Researcher] How to Explain Radio to a Dead Huia: critical ecological strategies in the contemporary transmission arts.


Fri 13 @ 11.30 Liberated, Outlawed, Re-invented? The Crisis of Radio Art in the Digital Age || chair: Heather Anderson || with: Virginia Madsen [Macquarie University] Radio art at the ABC: from Listening Room to no room?, Ania Mauruschat [University of Basel] The re-invention of Hörspiel in the digital age and the dangers of its emancipation, Heather Contant [University of New South Wales] LIGNA and the movement of free radio in the digital age.

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